Smartknit ​ Device

Smartknit is an IoT device that offers wireless monitoring, tracking, controlling, and precise analytics for Industrial operations. An operator scanned RFID cards to input the data into the system.

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RFID Scanner With 13MHz ​Frequency

Smart knit device supports a Robust RFID scanner that operates on the 13.56MHz this module can read and write data-compatible RFID cards. The module has an onboard antenna for efficient RF communication.

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LCD Support

calculating energy device

Enable with Energy Measuring Feature

Smart knit device support Energy Measuring Feature. It can measure the average power consumed by the machine in real-time and will display it on the screen and through which you can calculate your energy bill and find whether your energy is sufficiently consumed or not.

Wi-Fi Enables 2.4GHz

Smart knit device support Wi-Fi enabled 2.4GHz. Wi-Fi enabled 2.4GHz refers to the capability of a device or network to connect and communicate using the 2.4 GHz frequency band. The 2.4 GHz band is one of the frequency ranges allocated for Wi-Fi communication and is widely used for wireless networking. Smart Knit device can connect to your local router wirelessly with very efficiently

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